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British National Conference on Social WorkManuscript and typescript reports from around a hundred local study groups prior to the British National Conference on Social Work, 1956-1957....Institute of Education2008-03-04
Domestic Subjects Group of the Training Colleges' DelegacyRecords of the Domestic Subjects Group of the Training Colleges Delegacy, comprising a register of students, 1933-1939; correspondence of the Chairman...Institute of Education2008-03-04
Exercise books of a student teacher, c1891Manuscript notes made by a student at an unidentified teacher training college, [1891]....Institute of Education2008-03-04
GODSELL, Winifred Julia Godsell, Certificates ofEducational certificates of Winifred Julia Godsell, 1885-1896, including Teachers' certificates....Institute of Education2008-03-04
WALKER, Mary Anne, Certificates ofEducational certificates of Mary Anne Walker, 1883, including teachers' certificate....Institute of Education2008-03-04
Agreement between John Daniel Morell, John Miller Dow Meiklejohn and J D Meiklejohn to publish school booksAgreement between John Daniel Morell of Beckenham, Kent, HMI, and John Miller Dow Meiklejohn of Clapham Park, Surrey, and J.D. Meiklejohn of Balham, S...Institute of Education2008-03-05
Commemorative volume presented to Sir David Eccles on his visit to Lyneham County Primary School, Wiltshire, 1961Commemorative volume presented to Sir David Eccles on the occasion of his visit to Lyneham County Primary School [Wiltshire ], 1961. Includes a postc...Institute of Education2008-03-05
Examination paper of John Curtis, Longfleet National School, 1862Examination papers of John Curtis, 1862, comprising answers to two questions on religious studies and one arithmetic problem ...Institute of Education2008-03-05
Exercise book [of a student teacher], c1900Entitled 'Notes: Class V', this volume contains plans for lessons on topics as diverse as 'plum pudding' , 'a brick', 'points of the compass', 'fireme...Institute of Education2008-03-05
Exercise books of Lucy Irwin, 1882-1883Two elementary school exercise books belonging to Lucy Irwin, 1882-1883. ...Institute of Education2008-03-05

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