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PAGET, Sir James (1814-1899)Sir James Paget's index to references for medical biographies, intended for the Biographical Dictionary of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Kno...Royal College of Physicians2003-12-08
PALMER, RalphCollection of papers by and about Baldwin Hamey (1600-1676); and a biographical memoir of Hamey, 1733. ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-21
PARIS, John Ayrton (1785-1856)John Ayrton Paris' annotated copy of 'A memoir on the physiology of the egg', read before the Linnean Society of London, 21 Mar 1809' (London 1810), ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-21
PETERS, NEnglish translation by N Peters in 1739 of Richard Lower's Tractatus de corde (1699), with finely drawn copies of the seven plates at the end. ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-21
PHELAN, Joseph (fl 1785)Joseph Phelan: lists of names of medicines in Indian languages, late 18th century. ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-21
PLOWDEN, Andrew (fl 1601)'A book of Surgerie and Phisick of Mistress Honorie Henslow', by Andrewe Plowden, Servant to Mistress Honore Henslow, 1601. ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-27
POYNTON, Frederic John (1869-1943)Papers of Frederic John Poynton, [1902]-1940, including scrapbook, with letters and newspaper cuttings relating to Poynton and addresses including on ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-28
PRINGLE, Sir John (1707-1782)Copy of Thomas Sydenham's 'Processus integri', interleaved, with notes on medicine in the handwriting of Sir John Pringle. ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-26
RAMSAY, Mabel Lieda (d 1954)1 notebook of biographical memoirs. ...Royal College of Physicians2017-01-05
REYNOLDS, Henry Revell (1745-1811)Copy of St Thomas' Hospital Pharmacopoeia, 1772, (printed), with manuscript prescriptions in hand of Henry Revell Reynolds. ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-27

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