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LATHAM, John (1761-1843)Latham's papers, c.1797-1811, include his notebooks on food and digestion, materia medica and therapeutics, c.1797-1811, and his unpublished dissertat...Royal College of Physicians2003-08-13
LATHAM, Peter Mere (1789-1875)Latham's papers, 1838-1871, include his casebook, 1838-39, and his lectures on fever and the pulse, in his hand, 1871....Royal College of Physicians2003-08-13
CHEADLE, Walter Butler (1835-1910)Cheadle's papers, 1877-1934, include his notes on the use of anti-scorbutic treatment for scurvy in young children, includes notes of six cases, with ...Royal College of Physicians2003-08-08
HALFORD, Sir Henry (1766-1844)Halford's papers, c.1767-1843, include notebooks containing medical extracts and observations, which include prescriptions, in the format of commonpla...Royal College of Physicians2003-08-06
MAYERNE, Sir Theodore Turquet de (1573-1654/5)Mayerne's case book, 1607-51 (mainly 1634-39), includes medical correspondence and letters of advice, as well as cosmetic prescriptions for Queens Ann...Royal College of Physicians2003-08-06
HEBERDEN, William (1710-1801)Heberden's papers, c.1744 - [1784], include his notes on the history and cure of diseases, 1782, thought to be the original manuscript for his Comment...Royal College of Physicians2003-06-10
JENNER, Edward (1749-1823)Jenner's diary, 1787-1806, containing his observations on the natural history of the cuckoo, and notes on his dissections of other birds and various d...Royal College of Physicians2003-06-10
MEAD, Richard (1673-1754)Mead's papers and seal, 1695-mid 18th century, include his diploma of DM from the University of Padua, 1695; Notes on materia medica, ealy-mid 18th ce...Royal College of Physicians2003-06-10
WEBB, Martha Beatrice (1863-1951)Webb's letter books compiled whilst a medical student, 1903-1909, containing letters from Webb to her friends, Mrs Annie Lancaster, Mrs Eliza Romiley,...Royal College of Physicians2003-06-10
YELLOWLY, John (1774-1842)Yellowly's journal of his Dutch tour, 1827, and later correspondence regarding the original manuscript, 1944 (photocopy)...Royal College of Physicians2003-06-10

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