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RICHARDSON, Sir Benjamin Ward (1828-1896)Correspondence and papers of Sir Benjamin Ward Richardson, 1846-1897, including notes taken by Richardson as a medical student from the lectures of Dr...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-21
ROLLESTON, Sir Humphry Davy (1862-1944)Original manuscript of Manual of Morbid Anatomy by Humphry Davy Rolleston and Alfredo Antunes Kanthack, 1894. ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-21
ROSSDALE, George (fl 1926-1970)Chronological notes on the medical history of Sir Anthony Eden, Prime Minister....Royal College of Physicians2002-06-21
ROXBURGH, William (1751-1815)A botanical description... of a new species of Swietenia or Mahogany by William Roxburgh, [1793]. ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-20
RUMSEY, Henry Nathaniel (fl 1785-1787)Notes from the lectures of George Fordyce at his house in Essex Street, Strand, for a period extending over 30 years on subjects including clinical le...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-27
SAUNDERS, William (1743-1817)Text of oration on the improvement of medicine given by Saunders, 27 Jan 1790. ...Royal College of Physicians2017-01-05
SEDLEY, Lady Catharine (d.1705)Lady Catherine Sedley's recipe book, 1686, containing mostly medical recipes with a few culinary recipes. The handwriting appears to change towards th...Royal College of Physicians2003-10-22
SIBSON, Francis (1814-1876)Sibson's anatomical drawings, c.1840-c.1860, both pathological and clinical, watercolours and pen and ink sketches, many are labelled and annotated. M...Royal College of Physicians2003-08-15
SIEVEKING, Sir Edward Henry (1816-1904)Sir Edward Henry Sieveking's papers, 1846-1960, include his medical notebooks, with case notes, 1846-1873; Notebooks recording visits to patients, 185...Royal College of Physicians2003-10-22
SMITH, Robert William Innes (1872-1933)The papers of R.W. Innes Smith chiefly relate to his research into various aspects of medical history and biography during the 1920s and early 1930s; ...Royal College of Physicians2017-01-05

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