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WATERHOUSE, John (fl 1688)'De Sexu Foeminino ejusque accidentibus degr. partu and partus regimine caeterisquae morbis eidem sexui natura and contra natura contingentibus' by Jo...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-20
WEBB, Martha Beatrice (1863-1951)Webb's letter books compiled whilst a medical student, 1903-1909, containing letters from Webb to her friends, Mrs Annie Lancaster, Mrs Eliza Romiley,...Royal College of Physicians2003-06-10
WELBURY, ChristopherA Greek and Latin etymology of medical terms, 1722-1724. ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-26
WESTERN DISPENSARY, Westminster, LondonThe records of the Western Dispensary comprise chiefly minute books, annual reports and patient registers. ...Royal College of Physicians2017-01-06
Western ManuscriptsWestern Manuscripts, c 1250-19th century, including receipt books (domestic medical remedies and culinary recipes), illuminated psalters and prayer bo...Royal College of Physicians2017-01-05
Westminster General DispensaryMinutes of general meetings of governors of the Westminster General Dispensary, instituted 6 June 1774. ...Royal College of Physicians2008-09-16
WHARTON, Thomas (1614-1673)Papers of Thomas Wharton comprising his letterbook 1672-1673 and George Wharton's 'Calendarium Carolinum' annotated by Thomas Wharton with records of ...Royal College of Physicians2008-09-30
WHISTLER, Daniel (1618/19-1684)Papers of Daniel Whistler, including commonplace books of prescriptions, diagnoses, exercises in metaphysics and logic, philology, definitions of term...Royal College of Physicians2008-09-30
WIGGES, Sarah: recipe book of medical receiptsSarah Wigges' recipe book of medical receipts, 1616, including a receipt for "A swift medicine for an ague, by Dr. Gulston," and "Annotations and prac...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-26
WILLCOX, Sir William Henry (1870-1941)Papers of Sir William Henry Willcox, relating to a variety of topics: murder trials, criminal abortion, the use of insulin and the production of table...Royal College of Physicians2002-06-21

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