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BROWN-SEQUARD, Charles Edouard (1817-1894) and FamilyPapers of Charles Edouard Brown-Sequard and his family, 1787-1963. Includes family correspondence and papers, 1787-71, and correspondence and papers o...Royal College of Physicians2003-08-13
BROWNE, Sir William (1692-1774)Sir William Browne's papers relating to his personal and professional life, particularly his role within the Royal College of Physicians, 1708-[1774]....Royal College of Physicians2003-04-03
BRUCE, John Mitchell (1846-1929)John Mitchell Bruce's letters and notes relating to the fatal illness of the first Earl of Beaconsfield (Benjamin Disraeli) (1804-1881), 1881...Royal College of Physicians2003-04-03
BURGES, John (1745-1807)Burges' papers, 1767-c.1790s, include records of his medical cases, 1769-75; Printed copy of the St George's Hospital Pharmacopoeia, with annotations ...Royal College of Physicians2005-01-19
CHAPLIN, Thomas Hancock Arnold (1864-1944)Papers of Thomas Hancock Arnold Chaplin, 1915-1920, consisting of his papers on medical history, specifically on the rate of mortality in the British ...Royal College of Physicians2003-10-22
CHEADLE, Walter Butler (1835-1910)Cheadle's papers, 1877-1934, include his notes on the use of anti-scorbutic treatment for scurvy in young children, includes notes of six cases, with ...Royal College of Physicians2003-08-08
CLARK, Sir Andrew (1826-1893)Clark's papers, c.1870, consist of his notes of lectures on anatomy and physiology, in his hand. It is thought the lectures were delivered at the Lond...Royal College of Physicians2003-08-13
CLARK, Sir James (1788-1870)Two journals of Sir James Clark, 1847-68, including notes on Clark's travel with the Royal family to Scotland and Ireland....Royal College of Physicians2003-05-02
COCKAYNE, Edward Alfred (1880-1956)Cockayne's professional and personal papers, 1907-46, consist of his casebook, 1913-34, with patient-lists, notes and loose correspondence regarding p...Royal College of Physicians2003-05-02
COGAN, ThomasMedical student's notebook, [1563-1574]. ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-19

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