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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
DAVIES, David (1760-1844)'A Case of Tubular Extra-Uterine Pregnancy', 1834. ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-20
Deptford (Infectious Diseases) HospitalCase books 1877, and post-mortem reports, Deptford Hospital, 1890-1892. ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-20
DERING, Heneage (1665-1750)Dering's autobiographical memoranda, covering the years 1550-1739, 1739; copy of his will, 1745; and letter regarding the transfer of the manuscript t...Royal College of Physicians2003-06-09
DODDS, Sir Edward Charles (1899-1973)Papers of Sir Edward Dodds, relating in part to his professional life and in part to his historical and other outside interests. They include notes an...Royal College of Physicians2002-06-21
DREWITT, Frederick George Dawtrey (1848-1942)Drewitt's pathological drawings, 1876-1881, both water-colour drawings and pencil sketches, of cases admitted to St George's Hospital, 1876-1878 and u...Royal College of Physicians2003-10-22
Drury Lane DispensaryMinutes and accounts of the Drury Lane Dispensary, 1782-1952. ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-20
DUCKWORTH, Sir Dyce (1840-1928)'Some requirements for modern clinical teaching', 1913. ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-20
ENGLAND, Samuel (18th century)Two notebooks with clinical details and descriptions of numerous cases, 1730-33...Royal College of Physicians2003-04-03
ENT, Sir George (1604-1689)Ent's papers, c.1641-1685, consist of his Apologia pro Circuitione Sanguinis..., in his hand, thought to be a revision prepared for the second edition...Royal College of Physicians2003-10-22
ETHEREGE, George (b 1518)Author's manuscript of 'Observationes medicamentorum' comprising short comments on various passages of Paulus Aegineta. ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-21

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