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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
De Coppet, Andre (1892-1953) Papers from the collection of Andre De Coppet consisting of sixteen documents. The earliest, 1618, is an estimate of expenditure on seven ships 'at t...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Hamilton, Sir William (1730-1803)Papers of Sir William Hamilton, including a series of one hundred and fifty-five letters received by Hamilton between 1791 and 1800 and a series of si...National Maritime Museum2011-09-28
Signals CollectionSignals Collection comprising two East India Company signal books. The first is a printed signal book of 1783 entitle 'A Collection of Signals for the...National Maritime Museum2013-08-28
Signals: ForeignSignals: Foreign. Over half the signal books in this category are French; the other nations represented are Spain, the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Sw...National Maritime Museum2013-08-28

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