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Romer, John Dudley (b 1920)Papers of John Dudley Romer, 1938-1981, including: Herpetological Notebook, 1938-1958: Handwritten notes on JD Romer's published articles, papers a...Zoological Society of London2011-05-16
Scrapbook of family allowances in other countriesThis scrapbook consists of press cuttings and typescript notes on the position relating to family allowances in different countries including America,...Women's Library2009-04-02
Belgian Anti-Semitic leafletsThree printed leaflets, written in French and Dutch, dating from the 1930s, stating Do not buy at Jewish shops (in Dutch) and The Jews only live to ex...Wiener Library2008-04-11
Breendonk Camp, Belgium: report by Headquarters 21 army groupPapers concerning Breendonk Camp, Belgium, 1944 comprise a report on Breendonk concentration camp containing the following sub-headings: atrocities co...Wiener Library2008-04-11
Brussels Relief Committee: microfilmMicrofilm of the papers of the Brussels Relief Committee on the fate of Belgian Jewry during World War Two, 1940-1949, comprising information regardin...Wiener Library2008-03-18
Gurs concentration camp: Eyewitness reportCopy of an eyewitness report by Hedwig Forester of his arrest by the Nazis in Brussels, May 1940, transportation in cattle wagons, and arrival in Gurs...Wiener Library2008-05-29
International Anti-Jewish Congress in BelgiumPapers relating to an international anti-Jewish congress in Belgium, [1930s], comprise details of the congress, entitled Union Antijudaique Universell...Wiener Library2008-08-19
Katzenstein, N. (fl 1939): report on the situation of Jews in Europe (microfilm)Report detailing the situation of Jews in the immediate post-World War Two period in the following countries: Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Hungar...Wiener Library2008-03-07
List of Hungarian Jews in Malines Concentration Camp under the protection of the Belgian Consulate (microfilm)Lists of Jews held under the protection of the Hungarian consulate, Belgium, 1943. ...Wiener Library2008-04-28
Lists of Jewish children in BelgiumCopies of lists of hidden Jewish children and their guardians in Belgium during the Nazi occupation, 1940-1945, created by the Comité de defense de Ju...Wiener Library2008-08-26

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