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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
ZERMATT ANGLICAN CHAPLAINCY Records of the Zermatt Anglican Chaplaincy, comprising a Commonwealth and Continental Church Society "chaplains' book", i.e. register of services. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-25
WEST HACKNEY CHURCH, WEST HACKNEY: STOKE NEWINGTON ROAD, HACKNEY Records of West Hackney Church, Hackney, including registers of baptisms, marriages, and burials; minutes of the Select Vestry; account books; regist...London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-04
WENGEN ANGLICAN CHAPLAINCY Records of Wengen Anglican Chaplaincy comprising chaplain's books, providing details of services. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-05
VITZNAU ANGLICAN CHAPLAINCY Register of services for the Vitznau Anglican Chaplaincy. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-11
ULVIK ANGLICAN CHAPLAINCY Records of Ulvik Anglican Chaplaincy, comprising two registers of services. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-11
TAMARIS SUR MER ANGLICAN CHAPLAINCY Records of Tamaris sur Mer Anglican Chaplaincy, comprising register of baptisms, 1928-70 (Ms 23623), and service register, 1925-30 (Ms 23624). They w...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-05
SYRA ANGLICAN CHAPLAINCY Preacher's book for the Syra Anglican Chaplaincy, Greece. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-05
SPIEZ ANGLICAN CHAPLAINCY Service register for Spiez Anglican Chaplaincy, Switzerland. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-05
SMYRNA ANGLICAN CHAPLAINCY Records of the Smyrna Anglican Chaplaincy, Turkey, comprising registers and notes of baptisms, marriages and burials, registers of services, minutes ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-05
SAINT THOMAS, STREATHAM HILL: TELFORD PARK, LAMBETH Records of the parish of Saint Thomas, Telford Park, Streatham Hill, including registers of baptisms, banns and marriages; preachers' books; register...London Metropolitan Archives2010-07-10

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