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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
CHAMBERLAIN'S DEPARTMENT: CHAMBER ACCOUNTSRecords of the Chamberlain's Department relating to the Chamber accounts, including cashier's general office cash books, 1662-1724 and 1784-1857; gene...London Metropolitan Archives2009-03-31
CHAMBERLAIN'S DEPARTMENT: RENTS AND RENTALSRecords of the Chamberlain's Department regarding rents and rentals, including rent cashier's cash books, 1857-1967; cash books of money received from...London Metropolitan Archives2009-03-31
COURT OF COMMON COUNCIL: EPPING FOREST AND OPEN SPACES COMMITTEERecords of the Epping Forest and Open Spaces Committee, Court of Common Council, including minutes, 1878-2004; committee papers, 1877-1957; subject fi...London Metropolitan Archives2009-04-05
COURT OF COMMON COUNCIL: LITTER ACT COMMITTEEMinutes and files of the Litter Act Committee, Court of Common Council, 1959-1972. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-03-10
D'OYLEY, William (fl 1876) Collection of maps, plans and documents relating to Epping Forest and district. The manuscript list, to which the numbers on the maps refer, is inser...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-20
EPPING FORESTRecords pertain to the management of Epping Forest by the City of London Corporation. The collection includes records which detail the City of Lo...London Metropolitan Archives2010-08-27
PLANNING DEPARTMENT: PLANSPlans used by the City Architect, Planning Department, 1752-1979, including plans, diagrams, maps and photographs of City of London and Greater London...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-15
PLANSPlans, maps and diagrams of streets and properties in the City of London and Greater London, [1500]-1983. Please note that this series is extensive an...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-17

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