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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
BRITISH HOSPITAL FOR MOTHERS AND BABIESRecords of the British Hospital for Mothers and Babies, Woolwich, London, including Home for Mothers and Babies Executive Committee minute books, 1904...London Metropolitan Archives2009-03-31
BRITISH LYING-IN HOSPITAL GROUPRecords of the British Lying-In Hospital Group comprising papers of the British Lying-In Hospital, 1749-1914, the British Hospital for Mothers and Bab...London Metropolitan Archives2009-03-31
COUNCIL FOR THE PROMOTION OF THE HIGHER TRAINING OF MIDWIVESRecords of the Council for the Promotion of the Higher Training of Midwives, comprising council minutes, 1903-1938 and cash books, 1916-1941. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-03-31
WOOLWICH GROUP HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT COMMITTEERecords of the Woolwich Group Hospital Management Committee, comprising correspondence files, 1935-1974, on subjects including the Endowment and Ameni...London Metropolitan Archives2009-04-30

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