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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
COMMON PLEAS COURT AND PALACE COURT Brief for plaintiff in Court of Common Pleas (John Gandar, plaintiff, and Richard Henry Sheldrick, defendant), with note of fees in the case of Ganda...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-28
COMPANY OF WATERMEN AND LIGHTERMEN Records of the Company of Watermen and Lightermen, including registers of freedom admissions 1688-1942, apprentice bindings 1688-1944, and apprentice...London Metropolitan Archives2011-04-28
COMPTROLLER AND CITY SOLICITOR: SOLICITORRecords of the City Solicitor, Corporation of London, including briefs for cases at the Old Bailey, Guildhall Sessions, Mayor's Court and other courts...London Metropolitan Archives2009-03-31
Concentration camp inmates: various documentsPapers of concentration camp inmates, 1942-1944, comprise copies of correspondence concerning concentration camps and the death of Jews and notably in...Wiener Library2008-03-19
Conduct record of John WarrowConduct record of John Warrow, a labourer born in Africa, convict no. 2039, from a court martial in Trinidad in 1834 to his transportation to Sydney i...Senate House Library, University of London2007-12-17
CORONERS RECORDS OF PRINCESS ALICE INQUEST Records relating to the inquest on the victims of the wreck of the steamship "Princess Alice", 1878-1966. Records include inquisition giving names, a...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-28
CORPORATION OF LONDONRecords of the Corporation of London, 1067-2004, including records of the Court of Aldermen (COL/CA) and committees of the Court of Aldermen including...London Metropolitan Archives2009-03-31
CORPORATION OF LONDON: SHERIFFS Records relating to the Sheriffs of the Corporation of London; including notes on the duties of office; armorial bearings of the sheriffs, 1470-1638;...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-18
Court Baron roll, [1400-1425]Copy of a Court Roll containing a grant to John Emyford, clerk, of 5 pieces of arable land of the lord's demesne, formerly in the farm of Thomas Dowe ...Senate House Library, University of London2006-12-01
Court Baron Roll, [1719]Copy of a Court Baron roll, containing a surrender by William Draper of all his messuages, lands, tenements, etc., to the uses of his will. Signed by ...Senate House Library, University of London2006-12-13

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