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COURT OF JUDICATURE, CITY OF LONDONRecords of the Court of Judicature, or 'Fire Court', City of London, 1666-1673, including fire decrees (judgements of the court) and other records of ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-04-24
COURT OF KING'S BENCH Judgement in an action for breach of covenant brought against Nicholas Feriter, master of the ship called the "Charming Fanny", 1743. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-28
COURT OF QUARTER SESSIONS (LONDON) Records of the court of Quarter Sessions, London, comprising lists of jurors for Bridge Ward, Aldgate Ward, Bassishaw Ward and Farringdon Within Ward...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-28
COURT OF QUARTER SESSIONS (MIDDLESEX) Calendar of gaol delivery for the Middlesex House of Correction, known as Cold Bath Fields Prison, 1832. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-28
COURT OF QUEEN'S BENCH Minutes of proceedings at the Court of Queen's Bench, Crown side, 1871, in a case relating between the City of London (appellants) and the churchward...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-27
COURT OF REQUESTS Orders of the Commissioners of the Court of Requests ordering the arrest of certain persons for non-appearance at court; and to commit to prison in o...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-27
COURT OF REQUESTS, CITY OF LONDONRecords of the Court of Requests, City of London, 1595-1853, including committee reports; petitions; regulations; appointment of Commissioners; accoun...London Metropolitan Archives2009-04-24
COURT OF WARDS AND LIVERIES Record of the Court of Wards and Liveries, comprising examinations of defendants in a court case concerning commodities in a court yard adjoining the...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-28
COURTS GENERAL: SMALL COLLECTIONS Collection of documents relating to courts and legal proceedings in London, including notes on jurisdiction and procedures; historical notes; reports...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-27
COURTS OF LAWRecords of various City of London Courts of Law, 1301-1965, including the Royal Courts, Nuisance Assizes, Court of Judicature, Borough Court of Record...London Metropolitan Archives2009-04-24

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