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Faversham Manor, KentA Minute Book, 1766-92 of the Water Court of the Manor and Hundred of Faversham....Senate House Library, University of London2002-02-21
Fedorenko, Feodor (1907-1986): Trial papers regarding de-naturalisation (microfilm)The trial of the de-naturalisation of Feodor Fedorenko (aka Feoder Dimitrievich Fedorendo aka Feoder Fedorenko aka Vladimir Serduik), former Ukranian ...Wiener Library2008-03-17
Fetch, Joseph Deacon: letter (1870)Letter from Joseph Deacon Fetch of Cambridge [District Poor Law] Union, Cambridge to [Edward Brent] Prest, [auditor for the Union], 6 Jul 1870. Asking...Senate House Library, University of London2009-06-23
FINSBURY PETTY SESSIONS DIVISION Records of Finsbury Petty Sessions Division, 1841-1956, comprising court minutes, court registers and licensing registers. Court registers record th...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-28
Fiott, Lieutenant William Edward (1786-1849) Lt William Edward Fiott's life is fully covered by this collection, which is composed largely of loose papers These consist of official service docum...National Maritime Museum2011-10-25
FIRE COURT Proceedings of the Fire Judges' Court, in the case of John Wall and Sir Paul Niele and others. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-28
FIRE JUDGES COURT Papers of the Fire Judges Court, comprising decree in the cause of Sir Richard Betenson, petitioner, against Richard Betenson, his son, and others, c...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-28
Fisher, John (Bishop of Salisbury): letter (1816)Letter from John Fisher of Weymouth to Patrick Colquhoun, LLD, 18 Sep 1816. Regarding plans for the provision of a female penitentiary and lock hospit...Senate House Library, University of London2009-06-23
Forbes, Admiral JohnManuscript justification written by Admiral John Forbes of his attitude in refusing to sign the warrant for the execution of Admiral Byng on a charge ...Senate House Library, University of London2006-04-11
Formulary of legal documentsFormulary book containing drafts of documents recited in the forms of (i) subscribers' agreement for the Cork, Middleton and Gongle Railway, (ii) deed...Senate House Library, University of London2002-03-19

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