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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
COMBRUNE FAMILY Records of the Combrune family, including extracts from the court rolls of Ealing Manor relating to premises in Brentford; agreements relating to the...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-17
COWLEY PEACHEY MANOR Records of the Manor of Cowley Peachey, Colham, Hillingdon; comprising court book for views of frankpledge with courts baron; rental and survey; and ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-17
DEWELL FAMILY Records of the Dewell family of Brentford, relating to property in Old Brentford, New Brentford, Hanwell, Chiswick and Isleworth, including wills, le...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-17
FRIERN BARNET MANOR Records of the Manor of Friern Barnet, comprising a court roll of view of frankpledge with court baron, 1528-32. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-18
HAMPSTEAD MANOR Extract of the Court Roll for the Manor of Hampstead, regarding a tenement with garden and stables on 24 rods of ground on Hampstead Heath. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-21
HAMPTON COURT MANOR Papers of the Manor of Hampton Court, including extracts from court rolls; leases; and legal documents relating to property ownership. Also extracts ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-21
HAWTREY-DEANE FAMILY Records of the Hawtrey-Deane family, including manorial records such as court rolls; estate management records such as surveys, rentals and accounts;...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-21
Probate of the will of Thomas Cockburn of Putney The collection consists of probate papers and four codicils connected with that probate. ...Wandsworth Heritage Service2011-07-21
Probate will of William Stratford and 8 papers of the Stratford Estate in Putney The collection consists of probate papers, mortgages, deeds and other estate papers. ...Wandsworth Heritage Service2011-07-21
Probate material from William Sturges & Co, solicitors Probate of the will of Mrs S Castell, Holroyd Road, Putney, 1928 and probate of Robert Rutter, Wandsworth, 1815. ...Wandsworth Heritage Service2011-07-24

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