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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
TEDDINGTON MANOR Records of Teddington Manor, comprising court books, index to the court books and plan of an estate in the parish of Teddington. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-08-07
THAMES MAGISTRATES COURT Records of the Thames Magistrates Court, 1804-1971, including court registers; clerk's letter books and papers; and wreck enquiry notes. Court regist...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13
THURLAND, John Records collected by John Thurland, including court rolls for the manors of Isleworth Syon, Twickenham and Hampton Court; memorandum from Christ's Ho...London Metropolitan Archives2011-08-07
TOOTING BEC MANOR Records of Tooting Bec Manor, including views of frankpledge; court baron proceedings; and volumes of extracts from the court rolls. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-20
TOOTING GRAVENEY MANOR Records of the Manor of Tooting Graveney, comprising legal documents in the Chancery case of Betts v Thompson, 1870, including copies of court rolls ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-12-28
TOOTING GRAVENEY MANOR Records of the Manor of Tooting Graveney, comprising court roll for courts baron with view of frankpledge. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-20
Toppin, Aubrey JohnMiscellaneous papers, 1497-1793, collected by Aubrey John Toppin, consisting of some letters, but mostly of 18th century legal papers, notes on cases,...Senate House Library, University of London2006-04-11
TOPSFIELD MANOR, HORNSEY Records of Topsfield Manor, Crouch End, Hornsey, including court book, 1683-1885, including tenants names and steward's notes; plan of the manor hous...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-20
TOTTENHAM AND EDMONTON MANORS Records of Tottenham Manor, 1619-1920, including court rolls; survey of the manor; account book; quit rental; and Reminiscences of Tottenham by Mrs J...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-20
Tourneur Law ReportsManuscript law reports in various hands. Inscription on folio 1 reads 'Liber Timothei Tourneur de Grayes Inne Lectoris ibidem in quadragesima Anno Dom...University College London2020-07-10

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