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CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT: APPROVED SCHOOLS AND REMAND HOMESRecords of the Middlesex County Council Children's Department relating to approved schools and remand homes. Administrative files, 1947-1964, includin...London Metropolitan Archives2009-07-13
CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT: CHILDRENS' OFFICERRecords of the Middlesex County Council Children's Department relating to the Children's Officer, 1947-1965, including the personal files of Jane Rowe...London Metropolitan Archives2009-07-13
CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT: PLACES OF DETENTIONRecords of the London County Council Children's Department relating to places of detention including rules and regulations for the management and runn...London Metropolitan Archives2009-07-13
CHIPPING BARNET AND EAST BARNET, HERTFORDSHIRE (MANOR) Records of the manor of Manor of Chipping Barnet and East Barnet, Hertfordshire. They include minutes, court rolls and rentals. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-27
Christian family papers The papers relating to Sir Hugh Cloberry Christian all date from 1798 when he was second in command of the Cape of Good Hope station. They include of...National Maritime Museum2011-09-26
Christian, Hood Hanway (1784-1849) Papers of Hood Hanway Christian. The papers refer in the main to Christian's period at the Cape of Good Hope, with the exception of an order book fro...National Maritime Museum2011-09-27
CITY AND LIBERTY OF WESTMINSTER CORONERS DISTRICT Records of the City and Liberty of Westminster Coroner's District, comprising case papers, 1927-1928. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-23
CITY OF LONDON CORONERS COURTRecords of the City of London Coroner's Court, 1300-1995, including coroner's accounts; inquests; depositions; inquisitions; fire inquests; fire briga...London Metropolitan Archives2009-03-31
CITY OF LONDON COURTRecords of the City of London Court, 1864-1935, including suits and proceedings in equity; suitors accounts books; duties of the office of registrar, ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-03-31
CITY OF LONDON POLICERecords of the City of London Police, 1520-2000, including papers of the Chief officer and Police Commissioner; orders and regulations; papers relatin...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-14

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