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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
THOMAS, James and POWELL, Thomas Records collected by James Thomas and Thomas Powell, leather and hide factors, comprising leather brokers' trade circulars, tables of prices and sale...London Metropolitan Archives2011-08-13
TROLLOPE AND COLLS LIMITED {BUILDERS} Records of Trollope and Colls Ltd, builders, and predecessors including Messrs Trollope and Sons (London) Ltd, decorators; Joseph Trollope and Sons, ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-01
TRUMAN HANBURY BUXTON AND COMPANY {BREWERS} Records of Truman Hanbury Buxton and Co Ltd, 1527-1977, comprising: corporate records, (B/THB/A); accounting records (B/THB/B); production records (B...London Metropolitan Archives2010-01-02
TWINING, CROSFIELD AND COMPANY LIMITED Records of Twining, Crosfield and Company Limited, tea wholesalers, including annual reports and accounts; correspondence; circulars; and financial a...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-12
UNITED COCOA DEVELOPMENT COMPANY Circulars of the United Cocoa Development Company Limited. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-12
UPPER ASSAM TEA COMPANY LIMITED Upper Assam Tea Company Limited records comprise: board minutes, 1937-59 (Ms 28162A); accounts, 1862-1979 (Ms 28163-7); and historical notes, 1972 (M...London Metropolitan Archives2011-08-07
VINTNERS' COMPANY Records of the Worshipful Company of Vintners, compiled between 1353 and 2005, but they include deeds dating from 1286. They also include registers o...London Metropolitan Archives2011-04-28
W. H. TINDALL AND COMPANY The records of WH Tindall and Company, tea and coffee growers and exporters, comprise records relating to the Imboolpittia and other estates includin...London Metropolitan Archives2011-08-07
W. H. TOMSETT AND COMPANY Copy deeds of the sale, in 1903, of the wine and spirit merchant businesses of WH Tomsett and Company and Sinclair, Birch and Company, which were bot...London Metropolitan Archives2011-08-07
WALLARDIE TEA ESTATES LIMITED Memorandum and articles of association for Wallardie Tea Estates Limited. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-12

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