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Barlow, Sir Thomas (1845-1945)Although Barlow is best known for his original researches on infantile scurvy, there is very little material relating to that subject in the collectio...Wellcome Library2008-12-30
CHRISTIAN ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION Publications of the Christian Economic and Social Research Foundation, on subjects as diverse as drink offences; theft and the victims of crime; taxa...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-07
CITY OF LONDON TEMPERANCE UNION Request of the City of London Temperance Union to the Licensing Justices in Petty Sessions, requesting that the justices should consider the question...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-07
Horsley PapersPapers of and relating to the Horsley family, comprising papers of Sir Victor Horsley; papers of Eldred, Lady Horsley; papers of Siward Horsley and of...University College London2018-02-22
Horsley, Sir Victor Alexander Haden (1857-1916)Correspondence and papers of Sir Victor Horsley, 1883-1915, including notebook as Secretary to the Local Government Board inquiry into Pasteur's anti...Wellcome Library2009-04-13
Independent Order of Rechabites Board minutes, 1864-1975; minutes of districts and tents; Rechabite Magazine, 1864-1873, 1878-1925, 1927-1977; Juvenile / Junior Rechabite magazine, ...Senate House Library, University of London2009-07-03
Institute of Alcohol Studies, Alliance House FoundationRecords of the United Kingdom Alliance and related temperance organisations comprising: UK Alliance records including minutes of the Executive of th...Institute of Alcohol Studies, Alliance House Foundation2008-04-11
MACDONALD, Margaret Ethel, 1870-1911, socialist, feminist and social reformer, and MACDONALD, James Ramsay, 1866-1937, statesmanMargaret MacDonald's correspondence, papers and lectures, on subjects including factory and shop legislation, the employment of women, housing, the Li...British Library of Political and Economic Science2007-06-27
MURRAY, Eunice Guthrie (1877-1960)The archive consists of three diaries of Eunice Guthrie Murray, a member of the Women's Freedom League (with full transcript by her grand-niece Franc...Women's Library2009-08-10
NATIONAL TEMPERANCE FEDERATION Records of the National Temperance Federation, including minutes, correspondence, publications, annual reports and photographs. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-14

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