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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
A J SMITH AND COMPANY LIMITED Records of A J Smith and Company Limited, off-licence and wine merchants, comprising Board meetings minute book. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-20
ALPERTON BOTTLING COMPANY LIMITED Records of Alperton Bottling Company Limited, 1949-1961. This collection contains records relating to corporate functions, premises, accounts and mis...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-20
B E BIRD AND COMPANY LIMITED Records of B E Bird and Company Limited, off-licences chain, comprising Directors' meetings minute books and register of members, including register ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-20
BARTLETT AND HOBBS LIMITED Records of Bartlett and Hobbs Limited, wine merchants, comprising register of directors and secretaries; register of members; share certificates and ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-20
BEVERLYS LIMITED Records of Beverlys Limited, including board meetings minute book, register of members, memorandum and articles of association, ledger and inventory....London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-20
BROAD STREET SECURITIES LIMITED Records of Broad Street Securities Limited, comprising Directors' meeting minute book (with annual general meetings and board meetings minutes); and ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-20
BYRON GULLIVER AND SONS LIMITED Records of Byron Gulliver and Sons Limited, off-licence and wine merchants, comprising one Directors' meetings minute book. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-20
PIONEER TRADING COMPANY LIMITED Records of Pioneer Trading Company Limited, comprising minutes of Board meetings and Directors' meetings, 1914-1961. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-20
PRINCE BRINDLEY LIMITED Records of Prince Brindley Limited, wine and spirit merchants, comprising register of members (including share transfers, register of directors and s...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-20
ALLIED BREWERIES: VICTORIA WINE COMPANY LIMITED Records of Victoria Wine Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Allied Breweries Ltd, and records of various other subsidiary companies including some acquired by V...London Metropolitan Archives2010-01-07

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