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Astronomical tracts with observations by Tycho Brahe and others Astronomical tracts with observations by Tycho Brahe and others including: 1. Tychonis Brahe observationes cometae AD 1585 (folio 1) 2. Ejusd...Royal Society2009-07-05
Bauer, Franz (1758-1840)Sketch of the eclipse of the sun, 1820; handwritten "explanation of plate"; sketches including grain worms, root worms, dust brands of wheat; title ja...Senate House Library, University of London2008-05-23
Collected Texts (Bavarian, 1471)Manuscript volume, dated 1471: Sammelhandschrift, a collection of miscellaneous texts, comprising (1) Calendar for the year 1471 (German), followed by...University College London2001-10-18
de la Rue, Warren (1815-1889) Miscellaneous papers of Warren de la Rue on sun spots. ...Royal Society2009-11-09
De Sacro Bosco's 'De Sphera' and other tractsFourteenth-century manuscript volume containing Johannes De Sacro Bosco's tract 'De Sphera' (ff 2-10) and other tracts, including mathematical and ast...University College London2001-10-19
Folkes, Martin (1690-1754) Letters and papers of Martin Folkes sent to the Royal Society of London, 1745-1748 and mostly published in the Philosophical Transactions. The major...Wellcome Library2009-04-05
FOWLER, Professor Alfred (1868-1940)Papers of Professor Alfred Fowler, 1903-1935, including observations on the sun, 1903-1910; laboratory notebooks, 1906-1913; telescope design, 1906-19...Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine2001-08-07
Gold, Thomas (1920-2004)The correspondence and papers of Thomas Gold, astrophysicist, 1920-2004. The papers that comprise this collection provide a fascinating insight into T...Royal Society2009-01-16
Herschel, Sir William (1738-1822) General Catalogue of new Nebulae and Clusters of Stars by Sir William Herschel. ...Royal Society2009-11-10
Kew Observatory Sunspot measurements Kew Observatory Sunspot measurements from 24 January 1864 to 9 April 1872. ...Royal Society2009-11-02

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