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SAINT JAMES, EALING: SAINT JAMES AVENUE, EALING Records of the parish of Saint James, Ealing, including baptism registers (1905 - 1999); marriage registers (1905 - 1984); banns of marriage register...London Metropolitan Archives2011-12-02
SAINT LUKE, FINCHLEY: MOUNTFIELD ROAD, BARNET Records of the parish of Saint Luke, Finchley, Barnet. This collection includes parish registers of baptisms, marriages and banns of marriage (1905-2...London Metropolitan Archives2012-04-23
CHRIST CHURCH, SPITALFIELDS: COMMERCIAL STREET, TOWER HAMLETS Records of the parish of Christ Church, Commercial Street, Spitalfields, including registers of baptisms, marriages, banns and burials; preachers' bo...London Metropolitan Archives2012-06-06
SAINT DUNSTAN IN THE EAST: CITY OF LONDON Records of the parish of Saint Dunstan in the East, City of London. The records held include parish registers (marriages, burials, baptisms, banns) f...London Metropolitan Archives2012-06-06
SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST, ISLEWORTH: SAINT JOHN'S ROAD, HOUNSLOW Records of the parish of Saint John the Baptist, Isleworth, including registers of baptisms, marriages, confirmations, banns of marriage and church s...London Metropolitan Archives2012-06-06
ALL HALLOWS, BARKING BY THE TOWER: CITY OF LONDON Records of the parish of All Hallows, Barking by the Tower, City of London comprising baptisms (1558 - 1937), marriages (1564 - 1995), burials (1558 ...London Metropolitan Archives2012-08-03
SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST, HILLINGDON: UXBRIDGE ROAD, HILLINGDON Records of the parish of St John the Baptist, Hillingdon, comprising registers of baptisms, marriages, burials, banns of marriage, confirmations and ...London Metropolitan Archives2013-01-03
SAINT JOHN, SAINT JOHN'S WOOD: LORD'S ROUNDABOUT, WESTMINSTER Records of the parish of Saint John, Lord's Roundabout, St John's Wood, including registers of burials, baptisms, marriages, banns and church service...London Metropolitan Archives2013-01-04
SAINT PETER, LEE: ELTHAM ROAD, LEWISHAM Records of the parish of Saint Peter, Lee, including registers of baptisms (1871-1940, 1946-1967), marriages (1871-1960), confirmations, banns, preac...London Metropolitan Archives2014-07-01
SAINT PAUL'S ANGLICAN PRO-CATHEDRAL, VALLETTA, MALTA Records of the Collegiate Church of St Paul, Valletta, Malta, later known as St Paul's Anglican Pro-Cathedral. The series of registers of baptisms, m...London Metropolitan Archives2014-10-08

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