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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
SAINT KATHARINE BY THE TOWER (HOSPITAL) Records of Saint Katharine by the Tower Hospital, later known as the Royal College of Saint Katharine and the Royal Foundation of Saint Katharine. Re...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-05
ENGLISH CHURCH, ODESSA Records of the English Church, Odessa, Ukraine, comprising registers of baptisms, marriages, banns, and burials. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-28
CHURCH OF THE RESURRECTION, BUCHAREST Records of the Church of the Resurrection, Bucharest, Romania, including registers of baptisms, marriages and burials; banns book; service registers;...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-27
BRITISH CHURCH, SAINT PETERSBURG Banns book for the British Church in Saint Petersburg, Russia. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-25
SAINT MICHAEL BASSISHAW: CITY OF LONDON The records of Saint Michael Bassishaw include parish registers (baptisms, marriages, burials, banns) from 1538, vestry minutes from 1669 and churchw...London Metropolitan Archives2010-07-18
SAINT MICHAEL CORNHILL: CITY OF LONDON The main archive of St Michael Cornhill dates from the 16th century, but it includes churchwardens' accounts from 1455. Records include registers of ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-07-18
SAINT MICHAEL QUEENHITHE: CITY OF LONDON Records of the parish of Saint Michael Queenhithe, Upper Thames Street, City of London, including parish registers (baptisms, marriages, burials, ban...London Metropolitan Archives2010-07-18
SAINT MICHAEL, CROOKED LANE: CITY OF LONDON Records of the parish of Saint Michael, Crooked Lane, City of London including registers of baptisms, marriages, burials and banns; vestry minutes; C...London Metropolitan Archives2010-07-18
SAINT MICHAEL, PATERNOSTER ROYAL: CITY OF LONDON Records of the parish of St Michael, Paternoster Royal, City of London. The records date from the mid-16th century, including parish registers (bapti...London Metropolitan Archives2010-07-18
SAINT MICHAEL, WOOD STREET: CITY OF LONDON Records of Saint Michael, Wood Street, City of London, including parish registers (baptisms, marriages, burials) from 1559, vestry minutes from 1692,...London Metropolitan Archives2010-07-18

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