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CROUCH HILL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, HOLLY PARK, CROUCH HILL, ISLINGTONMission Committee minute book for Andover Road Mission, 1914-1943; Court of Session minute books, 1876-1961; Deacon's Court minute books, 1877-1961; W...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-11
CROUCH HILL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, HOLLY PARK, CROUCH HILL, ISLINGTONRegisters of marriages for Crouch Hill Presbyterian Church, Holly Park, 1877-1960. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-11
DAVIS, Henry (fl 1900) Records collected by Henry Davis, including leases of property in the Manor of Ealing, 1852-1862; will of George Sanders of the Woodland beer shop, B...London Metropolitan Archives2011-08-07
DEATH OF QUEEN ANNE Printed copy of a sermon preached in the parish church of Finchley and at the parish church of St. Mary Aldermanbury by Nathaniel Marshall, Rector of...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-28
DENBIGH ROAD WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH, KENSINGTONRecords of Denbigh Road Methodist Church, Kensington, 1827-1971, including registers of baptisms, 1854-1968; registers of marriage, 1859-1911; Leader'...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-11
DENBIGH ROAD WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH, KENSINGTONDenbigh Road Wesleyan Methodist Chapel: minute book of the Bible Class, 1866-1869. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-14
EARLSFIELD CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, WANDSWORTHRecords of Earlsfield Congregational Church, 1877-1970, including Church Meeting minute books; Deacons' Meeting minute books; Sunday School minutes; f...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-14
EAST END MISSIONRecords of East End Mission [formerly the Wesleyan Mission East] including Quarterly minutes, 1886-1980; Executive Committee minutes, 1938-1973; Finan...London Metropolitan Archives2015-04-14
EAST FINCHLEY CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, HIGH ROAD, EAST FINCHLEYMarriage registers for East Finchley Congregational Church, High Road, East Finchley, 1903-1964. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-14
EAST FINCHLEY ELIM UNITED REFORM AND PENTECOSTAL CHURCHESMarriage register for the East Finchley United Reformed Church, East End Road, 2 Jun 1973 - 7 Jun 1986 and the Elim Pentecostal Church, East End Road,...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-14

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