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CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, CHURCHFIELD ROAD, ACTONMarriage registers for Acton Congregational Church, Churchfield Road, 1927-1976. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-11
CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, KELLY STREET, KENTISH TOWN, SAINT PANCRASMarriage registers for Kelly Street Congregational Church, Kentish Town, 1929-1939. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-11
CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, VIEWLAND ROAD, PLUMSTEAD, WOOLWICHMarriage register for Plumstead Congregational Church, Viewland Road, 1918-1977. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-11
CONGREGATIONAL SUNDAY SCHOOL TRUSTSTrusts and Trustees document for Basing Place School, 1890s and Trusts and Trustees document for Hoxton Academy Chapel Sunday School, 1890s. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-11
COPPETT'S WOOD HOSPITALRecords of Coppetts Wood Hospital, 1933-2000, comprising: Administrative Records, notably staff files, c1960-1969; correspondence with the Ministry of...London Metropolitan Archives2017-05-08
COURAGE LIMITED {BREWERS} Deeds of licensed premises belonging to Courage Ltd, [1801]-1983, including: Acton: The Railway Tavern (later Railway Hotel) Chelsea: Nos. 36-38, 4...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
CRICKLEWOOD CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, CHICHELE ROAD, CRICKLEWOODMarriage registers for Cricklewood Congregational Church, Chichele Road, 1910-1976. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-11
CRICKLEWOOD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, RONDU ROAD, CRICKLEWOODMarriage registers for Cricklewood Presbyterian Church, Rondu Road, 1927-1940. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-11
CROUCH HILL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, HOLLY PARK, CROUCH HILL, ISLINGTONMission Committee minute book for Andover Road Mission, 1914-1943; Court of Session minute books, 1876-1961; Deacon's Court minute books, 1877-1961; W...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-11
CROUCH HILL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, HOLLY PARK, CROUCH HILL, ISLINGTONRegisters of marriages for Crouch Hill Presbyterian Church, Holly Park, 1877-1960. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-11

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