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PALMER, Christopher (1946-1995)Papers of Christopher Palmer, [1928-1989], comprising scrapbooks collated by Palmer containing printed articles, press cuttings, draft articles and pr...Serge Prokofiev Archive2002-04-16
PROKOFIEV, Lina (1897-1989)Papers of Lina Prokofiev, [1920-1987], including personal material such as copies of letters written by Serge Prokofiev; copies of correspondence betw...Serge Prokofiev Archive2002-04-16
PROKOFIEV, Oleg (1928-1998)Papers of Oleg Prokofiev, including material relating to the life and work of his father, Serge Prokofiev, notably copies of letters from Serge Prokof...Serge Prokofiev Archive2007-06-23
Budden, William Humphries: letter, 28 Oct 1859Letter from William Humphries Budden of Newcastle upon Tyne to Charles Manby, 28 Oct 1859. 'I am glad you are going to write a memoir of our dear Chie...Senate House Library, University of London2009-04-09
De Morgan familyPapers of the De Morgan family, [1756-1928], comprising material relating to the suffragette movement, such as photographs, newpapers, press cuttings ...Senate House Library, University of London2006-12-13
Feis, HerbertArticles and books, 1972-1977, written by various authors on the life and work of Herbert Feis....Senate House Library, University of London2006-04-11
Frank, Tenney: letterLetter from Frank Tenney of the American Academy in Rome, Porta S Pancarzio, Rome (29), Italy to Sir Herbert Warren, President of Magdalen College, Ox...Senate House Library, University of London2009-06-18
Harper, William Edmund AlexanderA volume, 1851-1852, containing autobiographical details, moral observations, criticisms of religious affairs and newspaper cuttings....Senate House Library, University of London2006-04-11
History of the House of BrandenburgManuscript volume containing [a transcript of] a history of the House of Brandenburg, [1760], entitled 'Suite des mémoires de Brandenbourg composés pa...Senate House Library, University of London2002-03-19
Jones, John Gale: letters (1828)2 letters from John Gale Jones of 5 Wilsted Street, Somers Town, [London] to unknown recipients, 1828. (1) Covering letter to a copy of Jones's Oratio...Senate House Library, University of London2009-07-05

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