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Hodgson, Brian Houghton (1800-1894)Papers of Brian Houghton Hodgson, 1824-1874, comprising annotated British Museum Catalogues, " Brief Notices of Several New or Little-Known Species o...Zoological Society of London2011-05-16
Hoffert, Hermann Henry (1860-1920)'Natural History. Part II: Vertebrated Animals. Biology and Natural History. Aves and Mammalia'. Author's holograph sketch-books, 1876-1877. These two...Wellcome Library2009-04-13
Holmes, Edward Morell (1843-1940)Notes and extracts on vegetable materia medica, botany, etc. (with the exception of MS.2882, which deals with British insects, and MS.7961 which consi...Wellcome Library2009-03-05
Home, Sir Everard (1756-1832)Papers of Sir Everard Home, late 18th century-early 19th century, comprising correspondence, 1800-1829; transcripts made by Sir Everard Home, late 18t...Royal College of Surgeons of England2009-09-20
Home, Sir Everard: 2 Letters to William CliftPapers of Sir Everard Home, c1813, comprising 2 letters from Sir Everard Home to Sir William Clift concerning the dissection of an ear from a Dugong o...Royal College of Surgeons of England2009-09-20
Home, Sir Everard: CorrespondencePapers of Sir Everard Home, 1817-1832, comprising a volume of 65 letters to and from Home. Correspondents include the Duke of Wellington, the Duke of ...Royal College of Surgeons of England2009-09-20
Hong Kong College of Medicine for ChineseThe collection comprises examination papers answered by Chinese students, the subjects being anatomy and osteology. ...Wellcome Library2009-03-05
Hooper, John (fl 1785-c1790)Papers of John Hooper, [1786-1790], comprising manuscript notes taken at on comparative anatomy lectures by Henry Cline (1750-1827), c1790; midwifery ...Royal College of Surgeons of England2009-09-20
Hooper, Robert (1775-1835)Robert Hooper papers, [1820-1825], comprising: inter-leaved copies of his 'Anatomical plates of the bones and muscles diminished from Albinus'. Third ...Wellcome Library2009-04-13
Horridge, George Adrian (b 1927) Corrected page proof of 'Interneurons; their origin, action, specificity, growth and plasticity' by George Adrian Horridge, published in London by F...Royal Society2009-11-02

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