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SMART, Thomas (fl 1786-1845)Papers of Thomas Smart comprising lecture notes of 'Mr Cline's physiological, anatomical, and chirurgical lectures', [1790], delivered 1786-1787, take...King's College London College Archives2005-08-23
SMITH, Ellen Marion Delf- (1883-1980)This collection contains the personal and professional papers of Ellen Delf-Smith, 1895-1974. It comprises papers relating to Westfield College; incl...Queen Mary, University of London2018-09-24
SOLLY, Samuel (1805-1871)Papers of Samuel Solly, [1826-1856] comprising surgical casebook containing notes on patients examined by him at St Thomas's Hospital, privately, and ...King's College London College Archives2008-08-07
South, John Flint (1797-1882)Papers of John Flint South, 1811-1871, comprising notes of lectures delivered by John Abernethy, 1818-1820; notes of lectures delivered by Sir Astley ...Royal College of Surgeons of England2008-10-17
Spear, Frederick Gordon, (1895-1980) Papers of Frederick Gordon Spear, 1908-1980. These papers fall naturally into several distinct groups; items pertaining to his radiological research...Wellcome Library2009-04-26
SPENCER, Herbert Ritchie (1860-1941)Papers of Herbert Ritchie Spencer including medical notebook with notes of lectures by Sydney Ringer, University College, London 1882; Scrapbook 1896...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-27
Stopes (Marie) PapersManuscript and typescript research papers of Marie Stopes, including journal articles on botany, and photographs. ...University College London2020-07-18
Strangeways Research LaboratoryPapers of the Strangeways Research Laboratory, c 1901-1988, comprising papers of T S P Strangeways; annual reports including 1929-1950; minutes and co...Wellcome Library2009-04-25
Stratton, Fred (1913-2001)Papers of Fred Stratton, 1959-2003. Section A, Biographical, is very slight. It presents obituaries of Stratton, his curriculum vitae and list of publ...Wellcome Library2009-04-25
Stumbles, Henry Martyn (d 1916) Surgical lecture and other notes taken by [H.M. Stumbles as a student at Edinburgh University] With numerous coloured sketches. The author is not na...Wellcome Library2009-04-25

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