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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
CHARTERED GAS LIGHT AND COKE COMPANY Records of the Chartered Gas Light and Coke Company and predecessors, 1823-1894. This collection contains agreements, contracts, licenses, specificat...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
NORTH THAMES AND SOUTH EASTERN GAS BOARDS AND PREDECESSORS Records donated by the London Gas Museum, comprising some 400 Ordnance Survey sheets of various scales and editions, 1893-1989. Many have been amende...London Metropolitan Archives2019-05-11
NORTH THAMES GAS PREDECESSORS Records of predecessors of the North Thames Gas Company, 1821-1949, comprising minute books of the Harrow and Stanmore Gas Company; Hornsey Gas Compa...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-31
NORTH THAMES GAS PREDECESSORS Papers of the North Thames Gas Board, comprising records of predecessor companies, including the Brentford Gas Light Company, the Gas Light and Coke ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-29

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