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Meyer, Richard: Copy papers on the Jewish community of Sinzig, North Rhine WestphaliaCopies of papers on the Jewish community of Sinzig, North Rhine Westphalia, including image of a commemorative stained glass window in the Richmond sy...Wiener Library2008-08-26
STANLEY, Sir Henry Morton (1841-1904)Correspondence, newspaper cuttings and papers of Sir Henry Morton Stanley, 1871-1936, including papers relating to Stanley in the period prior to his ...Royal Geographical Society2008-09-09
WATKINS, Henry George 'Gino' (1907-1932)Papers of Henry George 'Gino' Watkins, 1921-1995, including notebooks containing astronomical observations, Labrador, 1928; press cuttings, transcript...Royal Geographical Society2008-09-09
Brodie, Sir Benjamin Collins (1783-1862)Papers of Sir Benjamin Brodie, 1816-c 1970, comprising manuscript notes by Brodie, for his lectures on Physiology, 1820-1823; Brodie's manuscript auto...Royal College of Surgeons of England2008-10-10
UNOFFICIAL ARCHIVESUnofficial Archives of the Natural Museum, 1848-1992, containing papers closely related to the Museum and its work, but are not strictly speaking part...Natural History Museum2009-01-28
SAINT THOMAS' HOSPITAL: SAINT THOMAS' CHURCH AND PARISHRecords of Saint Thomas' Church and Parish, including deeds for property in Southwark, including the rectory and church, 1552-1697; testimonial letter...London Metropolitan Archives2009-04-29
Cartwright, Edmund: letter (1828)Letter from Edmund Cartwright of Lyminster, Arundel, [Sussex] to [the Editor of the Edinburgh Review], 29 Jan 1828. Describing the services rendered b...Senate House Library, University of London2009-05-01
Roberts, Samuel: letter (1833)Letter from Samuel Roberts of Park Grange, [Sheffield, Yorkshire] to George Thompson, c/o Alexander Cruickshanks, Meadowside, Edinburgh, 26 Oct 1833. ...Senate House Library, University of London2009-05-06
Lister Centenary Congratulatory addresses on the occasion of the Royal Society Lister Centenary in 1927. ...Royal Society2009-05-08
McCulloch, John Ramsay: letters, [c1820-1864] and 18 Dec 1840(1) Letter from John Ramsay McCulloch to William Rathbone, Hope Street, [Liverpool], [c1820-1864]. Asking permission to bring a Mr Henderson to Rathbo...Senate House Library, University of London2009-08-24

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