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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT: APPROVED SCHOOLS AND REMAND HOMESRecords of the Middlesex County Council Children's Department relating to approved schools and remand homes. Administrative files, 1947-1964, includin...London Metropolitan Archives2009-07-13
CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT: CHILDRENS' OFFICERRecords of the Middlesex County Council Children's Department relating to the Children's Officer, 1947-1965, including the personal files of Jane Rowe...London Metropolitan Archives2009-07-13
CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT: PLACES OF DETENTIONRecords of the London County Council Children's Department relating to places of detention including rules and regulations for the management and runn...London Metropolitan Archives2009-07-13
Lane, Homer Tyrrell (1876-1925)Papers relating to Homer Tyrell Lane, 1916, comprising a volume of manuscript notes by an unknown hand, taken at lectures by Lane, titled The Child , ...Royal College of Surgeons of England2008-09-15
PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT: SCHOOL HEALTH SERVICERecords of the London County Council Public Health Department relating to the School Health Service, 1905-1964, including papers relating to partially...London Metropolitan Archives2009-07-28
YULE, Professor William (b 1940)Papers of Professor William Yule mainly relating to child psychology, 1964-2002, including: questionnaires, test instructions, notes, progress reports...King's College London College Archives2013-05-31

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