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CHEUNG, Jo Yiu (fl 1938-2008) Personal papers of Jo Yiu Cheung, seaman, comprising photograph on board an ocean liner, and portrait in front of a Buddha statue. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-05
CHEUNG, Yick Kwan (fl 1957) Photograph of Yick-Kwan Cheung and family at the Hong Kong Restaurant, London, 1957; and 2 copies of the Overseas Chinese in Britain year book. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-05
CHINESE NATIONAL HEALTHY LIVING CENTRE Records of the Chinese National Healthy Living Centre, including promotional leaflets; recordings made under the oral history project 'Whispers of Ti...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-06
CHINQUE, SAMUEL Personal papers of Samuel Chinque, political activist, including issues of the Hsinhua weekly news sheet; photographs; official or business correspon...London Metropolitan Archives2011-10-31
CHUNG, Wong Ying (Ying Ku) (fl 1920-1985) Personal papers of Wong Ying Chung including Chinese passport; oral history transcript entitled Life in the Laundrette, and family photographs. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-12-28
DIOCESE OF WESTERN CHINA Records of the Diocese of Western China, comprising registers of baptisms and marriages and baptism and marriage certificate books. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-28
EAST LONDON CHINESE COMMUNITY CENTRE Records of the East London Chinese Community Centre, comprising photograph of an exercise class at the Centre. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-11
FLACK, May (1891-1954) Personal papers of May Flack, owner of a boarding house for the Chinese community in Limehouse, including birth, marriage and death certificates; pap...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-05
ISLINGTON CHINESE ASSOCIATION Papers of Islington Chinese Association, including general administrative records, annual reports, and printed material including event programmes, b...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-14
LAM, Ting Kau (fl 1935-2008) Personal papers of Ting Kau Lam, restaurant owner, comprising passport and transcript of oral history My Life in London. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-12-27

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