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Asbury, Jacob Vale (fl 1816-1870)Papers of Jacob Vale Asbury, 1816-1843, comprising a manuscript volume by Asbury, containing notes of the lectures of John Abernethy given at St Barth...Royal College of Surgeons of England2008-09-29
British Microcirculation SocietyPapers of the British Microcirculation Society including the files kept by the Secretary; signed minutes of Annual General Meetings and of committee m...Wellcome Library2009-03-04
Buchan, Alexander Peter (b 1764)Papers of Alexander Peter Buchan, 1799-c 1824, comprising 2 volumes. Volume 1 contains manuscript notes and insertions concerning human longevity. The...Royal College of Surgeons of England2008-09-29
Cuthbert, Charles Firmin (1858-1939)Short papers given by Charles Firmin Cuthbert mainly on surgical subjects, author's holograph MSS and corrected typescripts, comprising (1) 'How and w...Wellcome Library2009-03-23
d'Erlangen, Wagner Observations sur la Circulation du sang et l'organisation du vaisseau dorsal chez les Insectes, par M le Docteur Wagner d'Erlangen. ...Royal Society2009-11-09
ENT, Sir George (1604-1689)Ent's papers, c.1641-1685, consist of his Apologia pro Circuitione Sanguinis..., in his hand, thought to be a revision prepared for the second edition...Royal College of Physicians2003-10-22
Flemyng, Malcolm: Course of Physiology Malcolm Flemyng's Course of Physiology. Neatly written in Latin by the same hand throughout, but there is no indication of the writer's identity. Vol...Wellcome Library2009-04-06
Fletcher, Sir Walter Morley (1873-1933) Papers of Sir Walter Morley Fletcher, physiologist, 1885-1933, including correspondence, 1885-1933, reprints, 1898-1914, kymographic tracings, diagr...Wellcome Library2009-04-06
Guttenberger, Eberhard ( -1518) Lectiones in primum librum primi Canonis Avicennae, a Gerardo Cremonensi translati, 1505-1517. ...Wellcome Library2009-04-08
Head, Sir Henry (1861-1940)The papers cover some aspects of Head's life in detail, but there are few records of his major achievements in medicine. The records of his work (Sect...Wellcome Library2008-12-30

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