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BLOSSOM, Thomas (fl 1808-1826) Account book of Thomas Blossom, coachbuilder, including costs and a detailed list of each stage of his work on repairing and building coaches and car...London Metropolitan Archives2011-08-07
GENERAL Agreement to arrange foreign travel, c. 1860; stating that voiturier Richard will take a family through France from Calais to Nice; giving details an...London Metropolitan Archives2011-06-07
HART, William (fl 1880) These records comprise compilations of London signs, 1649-1767, of advertisements by goldsmiths, 1666-1731, and list of city stage-coach and carrier ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-10
HOLMES AND PYKE (COACHBUILDERS) Day book of Holmes and Pyke, coachbuilders. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-08-06
NATIONAL UNION OF VEHICLE BUILDERS Minutes and papers of the London District Committee of the National Union of Vehicle Builders. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-12
WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF COACHMAKERS AND COACH HARNESS MAKERS Records of the Worshipful Company of Coachmakers and Coach Harness Makers, 1677-1997. The records include court minutes from 1830, freedom admissions...London Metropolitan Archives2011-04-28

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