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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
CITY AND SOUTH LONDON RAILWAY Records of the City and South London Railway (formerly the City of London and Southwark Subway Company), comprising Board meetings minutes and Genera...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-28
CITY OF LONDON LIFE ASSURANCE: ACQUISITIONS AND MERGERS Records of City of London Life Assurance relating to acquisitions and mergers, comprising Absolute: agreement, Achilles: papers relating to amalgamat...London Metropolitan Archives2012-06-09
CITY OF LONDON LIFE ASSURANCE: BUSINESS Business records of City of London Life Assurance comprising policy papers, propectuses, and agency appointment papers. ...London Metropolitan Archives2012-06-09
CITY OF LONDON LIFE ASSURANCE: PREMISES Premises records of City of London Life Assurance comprising an assignment of lease. ...London Metropolitan Archives2012-06-09
CITY OFFICES COMPANY LIMITED Records of the City Offices Company Limited, comprising annual reports and accounts, minutes, financial material, rent and tenancy books and title de...London Metropolitan Archives2011-01-29
CLARNICO LIMITED [CLARKE, NICKOLLS AND COOMBS LIMITED] {CONFECTIONERS} Private ledgers, accounts, share records, correspondence, price lists, staff and premises photographs, superannuation fund material, property ledgers...London Metropolitan Archives2012-08-07
CLERK'S DEPARTMENT: WATER COMMITTEERecords of the London County Council Clerk's Department relating to the Water Committee, 1721-1920, including Local and General Acts of Parliament rel...London Metropolitan Archives2009-07-14
COATS PLC PENSION PLAN This collection contains Pension Scheme Explanatory Booklets; 'Rules of the West Somerset and Devon Manufacturing Company Superannuation Fund and Lif...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-14
COLOMBO GAS AND WATER COMPANY LIMITED Records of the Colombo Gas and Water Company Limited, comprising constitutional documents, minutes and correspondence, share records, accounts and ti...London Metropolitan Archives2011-01-29
COMMERCIAL GAS LIGHT AND COKE COMPANY Records of the Commercial Gas Light and Coke Company, 1844-1949. The records include minutes of directors' meetings, correspondence, half-yearly repo...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-23

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