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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
CHELSEA WATERWORKS COMPANY: STAFF, CORPORATE, LEGAL AND OTHER PAPERS Records of the Chelsea Waterworks Company, including papers relating to steam engines and other machinery; service records of workmen; sick pay regul...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-23
CHELSEA WATERWORKS COMPANY: WATER SUPPLY AND DISTRIBUTION RECORDS Water supply and distribution records of the Chelsea Waterworks Company, including engineer's reports; meter inspection reports; storekeeper's report...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-23
CHILD, MACFARLAND AND COMPANY Records of Child, Macfarland and Company, export agents, comprising private ledger and sales ledger. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-17
Chinese Government Purchasing CommissionRecords, 1926-1951, of the Chinese Government Purchasing Commission (CGPC), including information on the state of Chinese communications; the workings...School of Oriental and African Studies2003-03-24
Christian family papers The papers relating to Sir Hugh Cloberry Christian all date from 1798 when he was second in command of the Cape of Good Hope station. They include of...National Maritime Museum2011-09-26
Christian, Hood Hanway (1784-1849) Papers of Hood Hanway Christian. The papers refer in the main to Christian's period at the Cape of Good Hope, with the exception of an order book fro...National Maritime Museum2011-09-27
CHURCH OF ENGLAND LIFE AND FIRE ASSURANCE TRUST AND ANNUITY INSTITUTION Church of England Life and Fire Insurance Trust and Annuity Institution records consist of deeds of settlement, minutes and some financial material. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-17
CITY AND SOUTH LONDON RAILWAY Records of the City and South London Railway (formerly the City of London and Southwark Subway Company), comprising Board meetings minutes and Genera...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-28
CITY OF LONDON LIFE ASSURANCE: ACQUISITIONS AND MERGERS Records of City of London Life Assurance relating to acquisitions and mergers, comprising Absolute: agreement, Achilles: papers relating to amalgamat...London Metropolitan Archives2012-06-09
CITY OF LONDON LIFE ASSURANCE: BUSINESS Business records of City of London Life Assurance comprising policy papers, propectuses, and agency appointment papers. ...London Metropolitan Archives2012-06-09

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