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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
NORTH THAMES AND SOUTH EASTERN GAS BOARDS AND PREDECESSORS Records donated by the London Gas Museum, comprising some 400 Ordnance Survey sheets of various scales and editions, 1893-1989. Many have been amende...London Metropolitan Archives2019-05-11
STOCK EXCHANGERecords of the London Stock Exchange dating from 1798. IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING ACCESS: These records are stored at the Guildhall Library site ...London Metropolitan Archives2019-04-08
PHOENIX ASSURANCE COMPANY Records of the Phoenix Assurance Company including single assurance policy, deeds and deed of covenant and premises plans....London Metropolitan Archives2018-10-08
ROYAL AND SUN ALLIANCE INSURANCE GROUP Records of Sun Insurance Office Limited as well as companies which merged with Sun Insurance, such as Alliance Assurance Company Limited; and subsidi...London Metropolitan Archives2018-10-08
CAZENOVE AND COMPANY Records of Cazenove and Company, investment bankers. The records are especially strong for financial records (including partners' and staff ledgers),...London Metropolitan Archives2018-08-14
EAST SURREY TRACTION COMPANY LIMITED Records of the East Surrey Traction Company, 1911-1957, consisting of minute and agenda books, agreements, register of members, newspaper cuttings bo...London Metropolitan Archives2017-08-14
CROSSE AND BLACKWELL LIMITED Records of Crosse and Blackwell Limited, food manufacturers, 1830-2003. The records include business agreements; correspondence; published histories;...London Metropolitan Archives2016-07-11
DRIVERS JONAS AND COMPANY {CHARTERED SURVEYORS} Records of Drivers Jonas and Company including partnership and related agreements, partners' correspondence, bound printed auction particulars which ...London Metropolitan Archives2016-02-22
BAE SYSTEMS PENSION SCHEME Records of BAE Systems Pension Scheme including Pension Scheme explanatory booklets, leaflets and annual reports and accounts. Includes papers on new...London Metropolitan Archives2016-02-09
INCHCAPE GROUP Records of the companies making up the Inchcape Group, including: - Adamson, Bell and Company: see Dodwell and Company; - Adamson (W. R.) and Compan...London Metropolitan Archives2016-02-09

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