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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
HARRISONS MALAYSIAN ESTATES (HOLDINGS) LIMITED Records of Harrisons Malaysian Estates (Holdings) Limited, including minute book and circulars to shareholders. Access to records less than 30 years...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-06
HARRISONS, KING AND IRWIN LIMITED Records of Harrisons, King and Irwin Limited, traders in silk, tea and cotton, including board minutes; correspondence; memoranda; financial accounts...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-06
HESELTINE POWELL AND COMPANY Records of Heseltine, Powell and Company, stockbrokers, including a register of clients, clients stock ledgers, correspondence, diaries and financial...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-06
MALAYALAM PLANTATIONS (HOLDINGS) LIMITED Records of Malayalam Plantations (Holdings) Limited, including articles of association, annual reports, and circulars to shareholders. Access to rec...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-06
MANCHESTER ASSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED Manchester Fire and Life Assurance Company (later known as Manchester Assurance Company Limited) records comprise deeds of settlement 1824 and 1846, ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-06
OCEAN ACCIDENT AND GUARANTEE CORPORATION Records of the Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation Limited, comprising Board minutes, Accident Department minutes, Guarantee Department minutes,...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-06
PLANET ASSURANCE CORPORATION Records of the Planet Assurance Corporation Limited, comprising scrapbooks of printed material and Directors' minutes only. They are held off-site an...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-06
RAILWAY PASSENGERS ASSURANCE COMPANY Records of the Railway Passengers Assurance Company, including Board minutes, deeds of settlement, Committee minutes and general meeting minutes. Th...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-06
REVERSIONARY INTEREST SOCIETY Records of the Reversionary Interest Society, including out-letter books; deeds of settlement; minute books; annual reports; administrative papers; p...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-06
ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE Records of Royal Exchange Assurance, comprising fire policy registers 1753-1870 (Mss 7252-5); inventories of works of art relating to policies 1822-1...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-06

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