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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
SINGLO HOLDINGS LIMITED Records of Singlo Holdings Limited, comrpising minutes of the Board of Directors and annual general meetings. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-06
GRESHAM HOUSE ESTATE COMPANY LIMITED Records of Gresham House Estate Company Limited and subsidiaries Broad Street Estates Limited and Great Winchester Street Estates Limited; comprising...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-04
GUARDIAN ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE Records including minutes; policy registers; annual reports; financial records including papers relating to shares and shareholders; agreements; corr...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-04
HARRISONS AND CROSFIELD (HOLDINGS) LIMITED Records of Harrisons and Crosfield (Holdings) Limited, including minute book and general papers regarding registration and shareholdings. Access to ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-04
HARRISONS AND CROSFIELD SECURITIES LIMITED Records of Harrisons and Crosfield Securities Limited, including minutes and agendas; annual reports; general correspondence and list of investments....London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-04
GRAHAMS TRADING COMPANY The records of Grahams Trading Company Limited consist of constitutional documents, minutes of the Board, executive committee, and annual general mee...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-03
GREAT WINCHESTER STREET ESTATES LIMITED Great Winchester Street Estates Limited records comprise annual reports, accounts, plans, and tenancy agreements. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-03
EMPIRE OF INDIA HOLDINGS LIMITED Records of Empire of India Holdings Limited, comprising Board of Directors' minutes, annual general meeting minutes and a ledger. The records are hel...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-01
EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY Records of the Society for Equitable Assurances on Lives and Survivorships, later known as the Equitable Life Assurance Society. The records comprise...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-01
GREAT BRITAIN MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY Records of the Great Britain Mutual Life Assurance Society including deeds of settlement; forms of policies; agreements and assignments; and papers r...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-01

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