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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
ASSOCIATED METROPOLITAN WATER COMPANIES Records of Associated Metropolitan Water Companies, comprising minutes and accounts of the Metropolitan Water Companies Meetings of Chairmen; minutes...London Metropolitan Archives2013-05-13
ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPER GROUP Photographs from the Associated Newspaper Group, including production scenes during early 1900's; an Ingranic R319 conveyor in the Daily Mail machine...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
ASSOCIATION OF INVESTMENT TRUST COMPANIES Records of the Association of Investment Trusts, later the Association of Investment Trust Companies and then the Association of Investment Companies...London Metropolitan Archives2011-01-26
ASSOCIATION OF LIFE ASSURANCE OFFICES IN INDIA Minutes of the Association of Life Assurance Offices in India. ...London Metropolitan Archives2012-06-09
ASSURANCE EDUCATIONAL COUNCIL Records of the Assurance Educational Council, consisting of an incomplete series of minutes and accounts. The minute books from 1942 onwards have ref...London Metropolitan Archives2011-01-26
ASYLUM LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY Records of the Asylum Life Assurance Company comprising: deed of foundation, 1824; deed of assignment, covenant and declaration of trust, 1857; prosp...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-16
ATLAS ASSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED Atlas Assurance Company Limited archives comprise records relating to the regulation of the company 1814, 1890 (Mss 16155-6); agreement for acquisiti...London Metropolitan Archives2011-01-26
AUSTRALASIAN UNITED STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY LIMITED Records of the Australasian United Steam Navigation Company Limited, including articles of association; board minute books and agendas; annual report...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-16
AUTOTYPE COMPANY, EALING {PHOTOGRAPHIC WORKS} Plan of the Autotype Company works at Brownlow Road, Ealing Dean, 1896. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
AYLESBURY AND BUCKINGHAM RAILWAY Records of the Aylesbury and Buckingham Railway Company, comprising Directors' Meetings minutes; Proprietors' meetings minutes; Wotton Tramway Commit...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13

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