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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
GARNIER & COMPANY LIMITED Records of Garnier and Company Limited, manufacturers of Vitreous enamelled steel signs, 1885-1998. A majority of the business and administration rec...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-27
HAMMERSMITH AND CITY RAILWAY COMPANY Records of the Hammersmith and City Railway Company, comprising capital account (items charged to capital in period 1875-1877 but incurred from 1865-...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-27
LONDON GAS LIGHT AND COKE COMPANY Records of the London Gas Light and Coke Company, 1833-1883, comprising Directors' meetings signed minutes; Shareholders' meetings signed minutes; Co...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-27
COMMERCIAL GAS LIGHT AND COKE COMPANY Records of the Commercial Gas Light and Coke Company, 1844-1949. The records include minutes of directors' meetings, correspondence, half-yearly repo...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-23
D.H. EVANS AND COMPANY Records of D.H. Evans, general drapers and silk mercers, comprising a prospectus from 1894 and sales particulars relating to premises in Armadale Roa...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-23
DECLERMONT AND DONNER Records of DeClermont and Donner Limited, manufacturers, importers and exporters of and dealers in leather, and their subsidiary companies, 1894-1995...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-23
EASTERN GAS BOARD PREDECESSORS Records of the Tottenham and District Gas Company, 1847-1959, including register of shareholders and stockholders; minutes of shareholders' meetings;...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-23
EMPIRE STONE WORKS Records of the The Empire Stone Works, consisting of rolled plans, 1950-1990, from the Drawing Office at Narborough. Among the buildings with which t...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-23
FRIENDS PROVIDENT PENSION SCHEME Explanatory booklet regarding the 'Friends Provident Pension Scheme', 2000. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-23
GORDONS BREWERY, ISLINGTON Records of Gordon's Brewery, 1860-1982, comprising a contract for sinking a well at the brewery premises; photocopy of photographs of Alexander Gordo...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-23

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