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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
BRITISH TYRE AND RUBBER COMPANY AND ASSOCIATED COMPANIES Records of the British Tyre and Rubber Company, and associated merged or subsidiary companies, 1864-1978. This substantial collection consists mainly...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
BULL AND BULL {SOLICITORS} Records of Bull and Bull, solicitors, including financial accounts such as ledgers, cash books, journals, disbursements and petty cash; and letter bo...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
CAFFIN AND COMPANY LIMITED {CIVIL ENGINEERS} This small collection consists of two minute books (containing records of both Directors' and Annual General Meetings) which from 1921, the year in w...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
CANONS PARK ESTATE COMPANY LIMITED Records of the Canons Park Estate Company Limited, 1640-1929, including printed copy of the abstract of title of the Canons Park Estate Co to "all th...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
CAPITA HARTSHEAD [OCCUPATIONAL PENSIONS ADMINISTRATION] Records of Capita Hartshead, comprising 14 annual Pension Scheme Administration Surveys from 1994 to 2007.


London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
CATESBYS LIMITED {DEPARTMENT STORE} Records of Catesbys Limited, department store, 1908-1958. The records consist of registers of members and directors, annual returns and minutes. Ther...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
CHARTERED GAS LIGHT AND COKE COMPANY Records of the Chartered Gas Light and Coke Company and predecessors, 1823-1894. This collection contains agreements, contracts, licenses, specificat...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
COWTAN AND SONS LIMITED {DECORATORS AND UPHOLSTERERS} Records of Cowtan and Sons Limited, decorators and upholsterers, 1881-1959. The records consist of ledgers and accounts rendered to customers. Unfort...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
CRYSTAL PALACE DISTRICT GAS COMPANY Records of the Crystal Palace District Gas Company, later called the South Suburban Gas Company, 1853-1949. The records include deeds of settlement, ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
CURRYS GROUP PLC Records of Currys Group plc, 1896-1985. The collection comprises records of the parent company and a few records of subsidiary and associated compani...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13

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