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EAST LONDON WATERWORKS COMPANY: WATER SUPPLY AND DISTRIBUTION Papers of the East London Waterworks Company relating to water supply and distribution, including Engineers' reports; Engineers' correspondence; volu...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-28
EAST SURREY TRACTION COMPANY LIMITED Records of the East Surrey Traction Company, 1911-1957, consisting of minute and agenda books, agreements, register of members, newspaper cuttings bo...London Metropolitan Archives2017-08-14
EASTERN GAS BOARD PREDECESSORS Records of the Tottenham and District Gas Company, 1847-1959, including register of shareholders and stockholders; minutes of shareholders' meetings;...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-23
EDGWARE AND HAMPSTEAD RAILWAY Records of the Edgware and Hampstead Railway Company, comprising minutes of Board meetings. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-28
EMPIRE STONE WORKS Records of the The Empire Stone Works, consisting of rolled plans, 1950-1990, from the Drawing Office at Narborough. Among the buildings with which t...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-23
ENOCH AND SONS LIMITED/ EDWIN ASHDOWN LIMITED {MUSIC PUBLISHERS} Records of Edwin Ashdown Ltd, 1890-1955, including minute book, agenda books, register of debentures, plate books of bibliographical interest arrange...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-15
EQUITABLE GAS LIGHT AND COKE COMPANY Records of the Equitable Gas Light and Coke Company, 1831-1949, including minutes of Director's meetings; minutes of shareholder meetings; minutes of...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-15
EQUITABLE GAS LIGHT COMPANY Records of the Equitable Gas Light and Coke Company, including endorsement to be made on the deed of settlement, 1835; supplemental deed of settlemen...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-28
EVE, J.R. OF HITCHIN {VALUERS AND SURVEYORS} Records of J R Eve of Hitchin, valuers and surveyors, 1879-1932. The documents relate to the work carried out by the London office when assessing the...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-15
F S STOWELLS LIMITED, EALING Records of Stowells and Sons, wine and spirits merchants, comprising a range of company records from 1845 to 1976 including records covering corporat...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-29

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