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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
MOLINS UK PENSION FUND This collection contains Pension Scheme Explanatory Booklets; 'Trust Deed and Rules relating to The Molins Pension Fund' (1936) [facsimile]; 'The Mol...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-30
MONTAGU LOEBL STANLEY LIMITED {STOCKBROKERS} Records of Montagu Loebl Stanley Limited, stockbrokers, 1938-1986, including articles of partnership; Partner's meeting minutes; Management Group mee...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-28
MORDEN STATION GARAGE Records of Morden Station Garage, comprising minutes of Board and General meetings and financial accounts. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13
MULTIPLE ADVERTISING CLOCK COMPANY LIMITED Records of the Multiple Advertising Clock Company Limited, 1924-1927, including memorandum and articles of association; agreements; letters patent an...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-28
MUMFORD HOTELS Records of Mumford Hotels Limited, comprising deeds and legal documents for 1-2 West Street, Faversham, Queens Head Hotel, Faversham, (formerly The F...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-25
MUNICIPAL MUTUAL ASSURANCE LIMITED Records of Municipal Mutual Assurance Ltd, 1900-1990, including articles of association, policy registers, claims registers, files on important case ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-28
NATION LIFE AND GENERAL ASSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED Records of the Nation Life and General Assurance Company Ltd, also known as Fordham Life and General Assurance Company Ltd, 1925-1974. This collectio...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-28
NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PENSION FUNDS LIMITED Records of the National Association of Pension Funds Ltd, 1917-2009, comprising minutes, agendas, reports and correspondence from various committees;...London Metropolitan Archives2013-05-13
NATIONAL LIGHT AND HEAT COMPANY Records of the National Light and Heat Company, comprising mounted facsimile of programme for admission to meeting at 97 Pall Mall to establish the N...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-15
NEVILE REID AND COMPANY Records of Nevile Reid and Company Limited, brewers, including board meetings agenda book and minutes; seal book; and bound volume of cancelled 5 ba...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13

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