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THOMAS AND EDGE LIMITED {BUILDERS} Records of Thomas and Edge Limited, 1930-1970, comprising Board and general meeting minutes, share register, and private ledgers. ...London Metropolitan Archives2018-10-08
THOMAS MCANDIE AND COMPANY LIMITED Records of Thomas Mcandie and Company Limited, exporters of whisky, comprising minute book for directors' meetings, annual general meetings and extra...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13
THOMAS WYLIE AND COMPANY LIMITED Records of Thomas Wylie and Company Limited, wine dealer, comprising directors' meetings minute books (including board meetings and annual general me...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13
THORNE BROS LIMITED Records of Thorne Bros Limited, brewers, 1884-1970. This collection contains corporate, accounts and premises records. Corporate records include minu...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13
TOP STAR TAVERNS LIMITED Records relate to the operation and acquisition of Top Star Taverns Limited including articles of association, minutes, accounts, and correspondence ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13
TORQUAY BREWING Records of Torquay Brewing and Trading Company Limited, including minutes of Board and annual general meetings; instructions to counsel and proposal ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13
TOTTENHAM AND DISTRICT GAS COMPANY Records of the Tottenham and District Gas Company, 1916-1948, consisting of agreements to supply gas and correspondence. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-01
TRAMWAYS M.E.T. OMNIBUS COMPANY Records of the Tramways M.E.T. Omnibus Company, comprising minutes of Board meetings; minutes of the Director's Motor Bus Company; minutes of General...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13
TROLLOPE AND COLLS LIMITED {BUILDERS} Records of Trollope and Colls Ltd, builders, and predecessors including Messrs Trollope and Sons (London) Ltd, decorators; Joseph Trollope and Sons, ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-01
TRUMAN HANBURY BUXTON AND COMPANY {BREWERS} Records of Truman Hanbury Buxton and Co Ltd, 1527-1977, comprising: corporate records, (B/THB/A); accounting records (B/THB/B); production records (B...London Metropolitan Archives2010-01-02

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