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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
BOW COMMON ESTATE COMPANY Records of the Bow Common Estate Company, 1901-1928, including memorandum and articles of association; sales catalogues; sales books; sales completio...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
BRISTOL BREWERY Records of the Bristol Brewery Georges and Company Limited, including Board of directors minute book; Directors' report and statement of accounts; ru...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-20
BRISTOL UNITED BREWERIES Records of Bristol United Breweries Limited, including minute books of board, committee and annual general meetings; indexes to minute books. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-20
BRITISH CHEMICAL PROJECTS (IRIDION) LIMITED Records of British Chemical Projects (Iridion) Limited, comprising articles of association; indenture; correspondence with the Trade Marks branch of ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
BRITISH TYRE AND RUBBER COMPANY AND ASSOCIATED COMPANIES Records of the British Tyre and Rubber Company, and associated merged or subsidiary companies, 1864-1978. This substantial collection consists mainly...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
BROAD STREET SECURITIES LIMITED Records of Broad Street Securities Limited, comprising Directors' meeting minute book (with annual general meetings and board meetings minutes); and ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-20
BROWN BROTHERS, HOLLOWAY {IRONMONGERS} Records of Brown Brothers, ironmongers, 1943-1969, comprising financial accounts; price lists and catalogues of tools, of locks, latches, keys and bl...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
BRYSON COLLECTION OF BUSINESS ARCHIVES AND EPHEMERA London related material from the Bryson Collection of Business Archives and Ephemera, 1760-1951: * Records of Morgan Crucible Co Ltd comprising work...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-09
BULL AND BULL {SOLICITORS} Records of Bull and Bull, solicitors, including financial accounts such as ledgers, cash books, journals, disbursements and petty cash; and letter bo...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
BURGE AND COMPANY LIMITED Records of Burge and Company Limited, brewers, comprising Directors' meetings minute books, 1928-1930. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-06-13

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