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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
THOMAS AND EDGE LIMITED {BUILDERS} Records of Thomas and Edge Limited, 1930-1970, comprising Board and general meeting minutes, share register, and private ledgers. ...London Metropolitan Archives2018-10-08
EAST SURREY TRACTION COMPANY LIMITED Records of the East Surrey Traction Company, 1911-1957, consisting of minute and agenda books, agreements, register of members, newspaper cuttings bo...London Metropolitan Archives2017-08-14
LONDON COOPERATIVE SOCIETYRecords of the London Cooperative Society; comprising receipts listing deeds and documents concerning properties in Alperton, Edmonton, Hillingdon, Is...London Metropolitan Archives2016-07-11
BAE SYSTEMS PENSION SCHEME Records of BAE Systems Pension Scheme including Pension Scheme explanatory booklets, leaflets and annual reports and accounts. Includes papers on new...London Metropolitan Archives2016-02-09
LOCK, JAMES AND COMPANY {HATTERS} Records of James Lock and Company including series of day books (1781-1969, with gaps) and order books (1805-1998, with gaps). There were always two ...London Metropolitan Archives2015-06-08
DUNLOP RUBBER COMPANY LIMITED Records of the Dunlop Rubber Company, 1901-1965, consisting of a complete set of reports and balance sheets from all the Dunlop national companies an...London Metropolitan Archives2015-02-09
NEW RIVER COMPANY Records of the New River Company (1619-1904), including charter and oath of Sir Hugh Myddelton, Board and Committee papers; correspondence; shares an...London Metropolitan Archives2014-12-01
R.S. MURRAY AND COMPANY LIMITED Records of R S Murray and Company Limited, sweet manufacturers, including recipe books, reports and related correspondence. The recipe books include ...London Metropolitan Archives2014-11-03
AERATED BREAD COMPANY LIMITED Records of The Aerated Bread Company Limited, 1869-1885, comprising a set of minutes of the Board of Directors, and a register of company premises. ...London Metropolitan Archives2013-05-13
ASSOCIATED METROPOLITAN WATER COMPANIES Records of Associated Metropolitan Water Companies, comprising minutes and accounts of the Metropolitan Water Companies Meetings of Chairmen; minutes...London Metropolitan Archives2013-05-13

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