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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
PILGRIM CHURCH HOUSE, GREAT DOVER STREET, SOUTHWARKMarriage registers for Pilgrim Church House, Southwark, 1949-1974. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-09
NEW BROAD STREET CHAPELVolume containing a brief history of the chapel, minutes and membership lists, 1727-1856; minute book of quarterly meetings of "the Brethren of the Ch...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-13
NEW COURT CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, CAREY STREETRegisters of baptisms, 1871-1974; registers of marriages, 1943-1948; register of members' attendance, 1934-1947; register of deacons' attendance, 1905...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-13
NEW COURT CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, REGINA ROAD, ISLINGTONMarriage registers for New Court Congregational Church, Tollington Park, Islington, 1945-1975. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-13
NEW CROSS CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, LUDWICK ROAD, NEW CROSS, DEPTFORDMarriage registers for New Cross Congregational Church, Ludwick Road, New Cross, 1962-1968. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-13
NEW ROAD MEETING HOUSE, STEPNEYRecords of New Road Meeting House, Stepney, comprising register of baptisms, 1785-1817. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-13
NEW TABERNACLE, OLD STREET, SHOREDITCH AND HOXTON ACADEMY CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, FANSHAWE STREET, SHOREDITCHRecords of the New Tabernacle Congregational Church and its mission church, the Hoxton Academy Congregational Church, including register of marriages,...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-13
PROVIDENCE CHAPEL, UXBRIDGEMarriage registers for the Providence Congregational Church, Uxbridge, 1924-1961. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-13
RALEIGH MEMORIAL CHAPEL, ALBION ROAD, STOKE NEWINGTONMarriage registers for Raleigh Memorial Chapel, Albion Road, Stoke Newington, 1927-1939. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-13
RAY LODGE CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, WOODFORD GREEN, WOODFORDMarriage registers for Ray Lodge Congregational Church, Snakes Lane East, Woodford Green, 1919-1980. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-13

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