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Student records of St Thomas's Hospital Medical SchoolStudent records of St Thomas's Hospital Medical School, 1723-1986, comprising - Index of Pupils and Dressers St Thomas's 1723-1819,and Guy's 1768-1819...King's College London College Archives2007-11-12
WEEKES, Hampton (1780-1855)Letters of the Weekes family, comprising mainly correspondence between Hampton Weekes and his family, 1801-1803, whilst a medical student at St Thomas...King's College London College Archives2008-04-17
PAGET, Sir James (1814-1899)Papers of Sir James Paget, [1832-1896], comprising his memoirs; paper relating to 'case of blows inflicted a short time after death'; paper on the col...Royal College of Surgeons of England2008-05-19
TOOGOOD, Jonathan (d 1869)Papers of Jonathan Toogood, 1810-1843, comprising letters from Henry Cline, 1814, J Clarke, 1815, R Willan, 1810, Sir Astley Cooper, 1823-1833, and Th...King's College London College Archives2008-08-07
TUPPER family papers [1794-1844]Notes taken from lectures and texts by Martin Tupper and James Tupper 1795-1797, including: 'Lectures on botany by James Edward Smith MD FRS, Presiden...King's College London College Archives2008-08-07
WARREN, Henry (fl 1802-1859)Papers of Henry Warren comprising his notes on lectures on anatomy delivered at St Thomas's Hospital by Sir Astley Paston Cooper and Henry Cline, [180...King's College London College Archives2008-08-07
Bryant, Thomas Egerton (fl 1816- fl 1840)Papers of Thomas Egerton Bryant, 1812-1839, comprising notes of lectures by Henry Cline (Jnr) (d 1820), 1814; notes of lectures by Sir Astley Paston C...Royal College of Surgeons of England2008-09-11
Prosser-Harvey CollectionPapers of the Prosser-Harvey collection, early 19th century, comprising the notes of a 'Student of Medicine', thought to be William Prosser, on lectur...Royal College of Surgeons of England2008-09-11
Marcet, Alexander John Gaspard (1770-1822)Papers of Alexander John Gaspard Marcet, 1804-1817, comprising a volume containing case notes and observations on topics such as herpes, aneurisms, ap...Royal College of Surgeons of England2008-09-15
Pathological Inaugural Dissertation on Aneurism of the Carotid ArteryManuscript volume, c 1810, comprising a Pathological Inaugural Dissertation on Aneurism of the Carotid Artery dedicated to Sir Astley Cooper. Includin...Royal College of Surgeons of England2008-09-15

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